Selecting the right person to list your home is imperative to having a good selling experience, one throughout which you feel informed, connected, and heard. These questions should guide you in the interviewing process:

1. How long have you been in the business?

-With experience comes knowledge, and mastery of a particular real estate market is invaluable.

2. What is your list price to sales price ratio?

-A competent agent is able to provide a realistic home value, prior to hitting the market.

3. What is your marketing strategy?

-A proactive agent already knows how to make sure that potential buyers undoubtedly know about their client’s property.

4. Would you provide references?

-Authentic testimonials from past clients say more about an agent than any of their marketing material ever could.

5. What separates you from the competition?

-Every agent has a unique style, viewpoint, and process. Knowing how an agent varies from others ensures sellers find the right fit.

6. May I review documents beforehand?

-Sellers should always feel educated, comfortable, and safe with their agent, especially before signing paperwork.

7. How will you help me find other professionals?

-A seasoned agent should know the ins and outs about contractors and services in their market.

8. How much do you charge?

-Expectations of both an agent’s and seller’s end should be made clear from the beginning.

9. Do you offer a guarantee?

-If a seller finds them-self unhappy, they need to know their rights as far as cancelling an agreement with an agent.

10. What haven’t I asked that I should know?

-A competent agent has experiences unexpected hurdles during transactions, and they will be able to share those stories with you, as well as the solutions they provided.